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Apple pollutes data about you to protect your privacy. But it might not be enough

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"Identifying you as a terrorist"

This is data that Apple is collecting from iPhones for its internal use (to improve Siri or Maps, stuff like that) They aren't sharing this data with third parties, so short of the NSA hacking Apple's servers to harvest this data that has been cleansed of personally identifying information, then managing to "de-anonymize" you as per the article reference, it isn't going to be added to the 'file' the government has on you.

By adding the fuzzing data and being up front about it, they are basically telling the NSA "if you get your hands on this data it is poisoned with false information", making it less useful to them. They'd rather hack Facebook or Google and get access to a much larger volume of data that is directly linked to you personally.

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