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I guess your snide pygmy intellect silliness was to show your infinite inferiority complex but hey ho all to the good I guess.

No I do not use Google mail though I know others who do I use Google as such for searches, do Google mail do product searches for their customers? Or is that only in the limitless dark corners of your convoluted mind?

I do have an e-mail account that is often compromised by the utter stupidity of so called organisations who have no understanding of BCC when send mails perhaps you are in that group? Your lawyer contact clearly was.

I applaud your defence of inmypjs alias asshole, perhaps your's and their joint efforts to degrade debate represent the crude state of society for which you jointly aim.

So while you grovel about in the chicken dirt of your lives have fun.

Clearly if you were not so up yourself you might have realised I clear cookies after searches using Google via a PC browser.

I trust miss whatever you have now learned something, crude and stupid language is pointless and self demeaning I assume you are as well.

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