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Any use?

As far as email goes these are some options.

Countermail based in Sweden uses OpenPGP and sports 2048 bits encryption keys, USB verification to log in,but poor storage unless paying.

Neomailbox based in the Netherlands ans Switzerland so strict privacy laws, high strength SSL encryption, disposable aliases but not free.

Runbox based in Norway, good privacy laws, good storage, not free.

Safemail, don't know where this one is based, Dodgy IMHO, been down a lot and not cheap.

Vmail based in France, reasonable storage.

E-mail Made in Germany based only in Germany, multiple servers connected like a Tor network, good encryption on all transmission paths, reasonable storage.

Swiss Mail based in Swizerland, good encryption, AV protection, not free.

cryptoheaven based in Canada, very good encryption, emails encrypted before sending, not free.

SecureNym based offshore, good privacy, good encryption, not free.

privacyoffshore based in northern America and the EU, very very high security and encryption, secured tunnel alone Bi tunnel or with proxy's, requires additional software installed to work, not

countermail based in Sweden, good privacy and encryption, emails encrypted before sending, USB option, not free.

s-mail based on a big fat cloud somewhere?, good privacy and security, not free but cheap.

hushmail based on a big fat cloud somewhere?, reasonable security and encryption, good storage, not free

Ther'es mailvelope, HTTPS Everywhere, Ghostery, Calomel, Disconnect, NoScript, uMatrix, Blur, KeeFox, BetterPrivacySelf-Destructing Cookies, Bloody Vikings, Clean Links,WOT,Do Not Track Me, Secure Sanitizer, Webutation, safe gmail add ons/extensions to your browser as well.

I'm curious I check the SSl validation of this site out of noseyness.

A few not worth mentioning.

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