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>Does Google map thing replace an A to Z?

It can do. Other mapping and navigation solutions are available.

As an added bonus, Google Maps will show areas of slow-moving traffic in real time, and so suggest routes that are quicker at the time. It will also show you where you are on the map, and be up-to-date with business address and even show you photo so you know when you are there. It will also tell you the opening hours of a public house, and at what times it is typically busy.

Of course the downsides are that you need some battery life in your phone (though most cars can be fitted with a phone charger) and either a data connection or the foresight to pre-load map data onto your phone.

In fact, this is very good example of the 'herd benefit' of using anonymous data from many users - Google know when their is congestion because some Android phones will be sending speed and location data to Google - so if everyone on a particular road is going at 40 Mph when an hour earlier they were doing 70, Google knows there is an accident or roadworks. Of course, Google being Google, they do have your identifiable location data too unless you opt out of it, but it still stands as an example of the concept.

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