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So my voice and text only phone achieves all of that without the hassle of turning crap on and off, how useful.

Frankly if I am using the mobile telephone it is for voice calls anyway. If I am using the internet it is at the end of a wire, which so called location services put at various points within a 70 mile circle of where I am. The touch phones I was given are now in the hands of my wife and daughter, neither of whom have the slightest interest in mobile data applications.

I don't allow Google cookies and flush all cookies several times a day.

Sadly I still get the crooks in various call centres trying to tell me I have been over charged by companies with whom I have never done business for products I never use, e.g. loans. Perhaps I should turn on some real data harvesting and clean them out? Nah, on second thoughts not worth the effort.

Why does anyone use antisocial web sites like backside book, then worry about personal data?

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