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Aye, Dan 55. IMO the referendum should've been an EU-wide one on how to fix the EU, rather than whether we in the UK should stay or leave. I don't particularly want us to leave the EU, but I don't want to have untrammeled immigration to continue without their being very serious consequences for those who immigrate and then refuse to accept the local laws and mores. Ironically, it's the business far right that is most keen on completely free movement of people, as it lets them reduce labour costs, whilst the unwashed far right screams about the influx of foreigners.

Meanwhile the impact of immigration on local culture and societal norms is quietly ignored - because there's perceived to be no economic impact. The immigration question isn't about racism, it's about culture. I've spoken to several immigrants who feel as strongly about this as I do - they've come to the UK because of our generally tolerant society, and the last thing they want is for the UK to be turned into the kind of religously dominated bullying kind of society that they've moved her eto get away from. So far as I'm concerned, I don't care what colour a person is or where they're from - if they're in the UK, and adhere by our laws, customs and mores, they're British. If anoyone's here that doesn't accept that, no matter even if they were born here, then I do wish they'd bugger off to somewhere that suits them better instead of trying to turn the UK into a totalitarian hellhole. I gather from a French friend that there's folk over in France feel the same way there, too.

All this crap about being concerned about immigration equating to racism is unadulterated bullshit. There's not been a lot of sense spoken about sovereignty or trade issues, either. A pox on all their (the Leave/Remain campaigns) houses, for spreading disinformation. I think the referendum should be scrapped, and replaced with some kind of vote on how to fix the EU so that it doesn't cause so many within it to be unhappy about it.

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