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>Like Silver Cross problems in France

Exactly, France has regulations for prams that are more stringent than the EU regulations ... when you want to sell prams in a market, like any other kind of goods, YOU MAKE SURE YOUR GOODS are conform to the regulations in the target market, rocket science ??? For Silver Cross, a business that has only been in the pram business for mere centuries, yes ...

Don't get me wrong, I do #!/bin/dash /dev/frogland when they deserve it ... but here, frankly, Silver Cross fucked up ... all they needed to do was to send one pram per model to be sold in France to the watchdog ... easy, right ? No ... they tried to sneak in, got caught, and complain. Note that all other pram manufacturers selling in France adhere to the regulations ...

Besides, how does a Brexit affect that, exactly ?

On the one hand, you want more autonomy, on the other, you cry when another state makes use of its autonomy with regards to EU regulations.

I think the UK should be forced to stand in line with the other countries in the EU or kicked out.

I seriously have had enough of the spoiled-brat-mentality!

NO EXCEPTIONS FOR THE UK, don't like it ? /usr/sbin/parted

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