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Cisco did not quite nail the colors to the mast

Cisco bet is more subtle. While it did hoist the remain flag it prepared itself for the eventuality of BrExit 2+ years ago. It reorganized the UK business structure so that everything more important is now formally registered in Scotland. If UK goes BrExit, the likelihood of Scottish Secession is estimated to be >70%. See gov'nor, we did not actively work to ensure that that a BrExited Britain (or what is left of it) will lose most of the revenue from our HQ and staffing operations. It is just the way it happened...

That is at least more subtle than Google's "ripping of HQ plans" and delaying its Eu HQ investment after it becomes clear if its Eu HQ will be in Eu. The official party line that the project was not "sufficiently bold" smelled like a megaton of bovine excrement on a really hot summer morning.

I have not looked into what other large USA companies have done, but every single one of them ran through some sort of "prepare for an exit" exercise and none of them will be around in a couple of years time after a BrExit. All in all, it makes you wonder, did Osborne actually underestimate how bad it will hit the economy. I think he did.

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