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UK's education system blamed for IT jobs going to non-Brits

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«According to the same source bricklayers in London can now get up to 1000 pounds a week»

In heavily cyclical business as construction there can be spot shortages. In the USA in the far north during the fracking book illiterate navies were also paid well, while it lasted, but nowhere else.

The 1,000 pounds a week in that context is a pretty low wage: that's the gross paid as a contractor, not an employee income. Sickness, holidays, pension, healthcare, accident insurance, unemployment insurance (again, in a very cyclical job business), have all to come out of that. Being optimistic that is like an employee wage of around £20-22,000/year, which for London is far from being exciting.

In general the tenor of the job market is that wages fell 10-20% for most jobs post 2007 crash. But "technically" any wage higher than minimum wage means that there is a shortage of staff in that job. :-)

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