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UK's education system blamed for IT jobs going to non-Brits


Not sure if it is in the US, but if you go around calling yourself an engineer, it helps to be one before a real engineer appears and makes you appear to not only be untrustworthy but full of yourself. Nothing worse than a liar, except one that's arrogant as fuck about lying. I know a family of actual Engineers (combat/sapper, civil, and watershed engineering) back home, and I strongly doubt they'd be too happy with someone trying to pass themselves off as a member of their profession to get in some woman's panties or some man's boxers.

I also have a feeling that Engineers in IT wouldn't feel as strongly about someone tacking engineer onto their job title as they deal with people like the PHB calling themselves engineers and in a position to actually cause a great deal of pain for everyone else from not knowing what they're doing along with the title.

Plus, lets just be honest, calling yourself a "solid waste sanitation engineer", "water based excretion technician" or "protein spill specialist" when you spend your time mopping the floor of a shitter, chucking sanitizer into urinals, or cleaning up puke only makes you sound like a pretentious dolt.

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