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UK's education system blamed for IT jobs going to non-Brits

Roger Mew

Funnily enough I was tasked to investigate something similar, to wit education for children of expats. The following I discovered, in East Anglia, take that to mean Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge. Job availability in the area for young people in techy type jobs, CNC machining, radio design, heavy machining like radial drilling, multi head drilling or spark eroding. Many, in fact in Norfolk over 20. Schools teaching anything similar 1 at Kings Lynn but even that was limited. However subject being enforced taught, and one school demanding subjects as extra curricular sociology and photography, almost all the schools. Job vacancies, nil! Yes that is correct NIL. In fact I asked Watton High school and others how many courses they have for heavy engineering seeing as the area is high for the oil industry under the freedom of information act and it is illegal for them not to answer, and I am a discriminator of information media, yet got not one response. So please where are the students going to get jobs (oh yes like one I knew he had a degree in something like the above and became a forklift driver) or from else where in the EU that teach this stuff like eastern Germany and Poland.

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