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Both my daughters have learned all sciences from being able to speak, all their female cousins of age work in some science/medical/engineering field, all my sisters and brother work in Chemical Engineering, with all but one chartered.

My oldest sister who is a Chartered Chemical Engineer did experience some stupid men believing that she wasn't up to the job but she worked in a field where you cannot just BS your way through so eventually they had no choice but to accept that she could do the job and obtained true equality and the respect of her peers.

She didn't just whinge that it was some conspiracy that the subject was hard or demand that everyone change for her benefit, she studied and did the job better that everyone else so changing the environment via excellence. Of late, I hear far too many other women bitching that they deserve the prize without doing the work and blaming everyone else when they find the work is beyond them.

I ask you do you really want the bar lowered so it is easier for women to get into the job or have everyone have to work just as hard to get in?

Anything that your didn't have to work for, holds less value than something you earned through toil.

Anything easy gains little money or respect and demanding a free pass because you are not the stereotype devalues the efforts of those that had to earn their place.

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