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>Should this happen to you it's time for the scorched earth protocol.

Except that's pretty much guaranteed to be a Career Limiting Move. When your Potential Next Employer (PNE) contacts your old one to find out if they want to hire you, the old one can drop subtle hints not to touch you with a 3Metre pole. If you act like a kid throwing a temper tantrum on your way out, they'll make sure your PNE is WELL aware of your immaturity. It might feel good to put a torch to the place & dance gleefully around the flames, but your PNE will find out what you've done & refuse to hire you because of it. But I *DID* "get even" so to speak: I had worked hard to write scripts to automate much of the crappier duties I had to do each day, such that instead of spending an hour crawling through a database to pull out certain values to plug into reports that otherwise couldn't be linked to the database, I merely had to spend about 5 minutes double checking that the values from the one matched where they had been pasted into the other. All the scripts like that I had written I deleted, thus forcing the replacement to do the entire job from scratch. If I'm supposedly not qualified to do the job, then you've just replaced me with someone whom will take DAYS to do what I finished in minutes. We'll see how much my time is worth NOW, won't we?

> 1) Accept you'd job is over as at some level the firm has become infected with a***ole management.

I accepted that my job was essentially over the moment I heard my fellow coworkers grumbling because of similar situations for them via their own managers. Folks with more years of work experience than I had been alive, being told to train their replacements, & then being given the heave-ho the moment the replacement was theoreticly up to speed. As soon as my counterpart in another department told me what their manager was going to make them (my counterpart) do, I saw the writing on the wall. When my manager gave the same order to me it didn't come as a complete surprise, but neither was it Acceptable in the least.

> 2) Is "training" part of your job description? If not this is an increase in your responsibilities. That means a pay rise.

It was not part of my normal duties, & neither was it going to get me a raise in pay. They were replacing me so they could pay LESS money, they weren't about to pay me to do the training. Besides, they threatened to withhold my severence if I refused to do the training. My options were to either train the replacement or try to fight in Court. Since I would be unemployed at the time, there was no money for a prolonged legal fight. In short I had no real choice but to train the replacement, I couldn't afford NOT to & they wouldn't pay me for the increase duties.

> 3)Having management sign off on your training skills means they should now go on your CV. Coping with a non native language speaker is bonus points.

Getting either management or HR to acknowledge ANYTHING that would benefit the employees they were about to fire was out of the question. Increased duties from training your replacement? Nope. Dealing with a barely English literate person during such training? Nope. They even tried to claim I "wasn't a team player" to the unemployment court as a way to not have to pay me my severence. I squashed THAT line of bullshit by showing my last three employee evaluation forms that included phrases like "works for the good of the team". The unemployment judge was NOT amused, but couldn't slap the bastards with fines either. He DID force them to pay my severence & unemployment, & then told them that if they ever tried crap like that again in his jurisdiction he'd make sure it got reflected in their records with the Employment Bureau. The company was being a bunch of fuckwads, they weren't about to help me pad my CV in their rush to give me the boot.

>4) Make sure HR sign off on this as well so they can't pass the buck.

See above. The company wouldn't do ANYTHING that might make me look good & thus tarnish their claims that I (and my coworkers) weren't qualified to be doing our jobs.

>5) Consultation implies consultation fees, not life time technical support. Ideally leave the rate to be determined later. If they insist on a specific rat and it's too steep they will never let you leave until every last fact is pumped into the PFY's (or his foreign equivalent) head. Charge by the hour, and make sure the first hour is mandatory, so if it's an easy fix (because he doesn't know what he's doing) you don't miss out.

Except that they didn't accept Contractors. That implies someone whom is qualified to Consult, which means there's someone qualified to do the job, which proves that they're lying about there NOT being any qualified people locally to do the job. Otherwise I would have & set the rates so high as to make an Olympic high jump look like a limbo stick.

>6) Should they ask to hire you back permanently check how many hours you've billed them and get the pay rise in writing from them before you accept. I'd also suggest you ensure they get rid of your replacement and get authority to select your own replacement.

No chance in hell of that happening. See above. If they hired me back then they would have to admit that I was qualified to fit the position. If I was qualified NOW but not THEN & I hadn't taken any training courses in the interm, then I could make a VERY solid legal case that they lied to fire me in the first place. The only way they could prevent such a cluster fuck was to make sure they NEVER hired me again, nor any of my coworkers that got the same treatment.

>They gamble that the job is simple enough and the newbie competent enough that they don't need your level of skills (and cost). Accept they may be right. Otherwise make sure they pay through the nose.

*Evil grin* I made sure of that by deleting all my scripts & personal "cheat sheet" files. I taught him how to do the job, I just didn't teach him how to do it WELL nor QUICKLY. They don't like my level of throughput, let's see how they like it when the new guy takes days/weeks to do each portion rather than merely a few minutes, & a full day's worth of tasks that *I* could finish in the day would take the replacement epicly longer to do. Me = 1 Day, Scab = 1 Month & that's if they don't have to stop every ten seconds to bother the manager on what they're supposed to do about the "complex bits".

It all boiled down to money. The company wanted to pay far less than they were paying us. They lied to replace us with Visa'd scabs. We got screwed. There's fuckall we could/can do about it since (AFAIK) they no longer do business in this State. Fuck 'em. Violently. With a rusty metal spinning porcupine.

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