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Fighting back

Had some scumbag call me, claiming to be from TalkTalk and saying my PC was having problems, yadda yadda. Tried to get me to download a remote access client so I feigned all sorts of problems (404 not found for one and his backup I claimed was "resource unavailable" or somesuch.)

Conned him into believing he may have a problem at his end and suggested he check the Device Exception Log.

Of course, he hadn't a clue so I talked him thru how to run it. It boiled down to:

Open the Command prompt and type "DEL C:\*.*

DEL meaning Device Exception Log, naturally :-)

Dunno if it worked but it was the only ting I could think of.

Does anyone know a simple command one could obfuscate that would screw up (preferably permanently) a scumbag's PC without having Windows blocking it?

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