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Google snubs 'dark money' questions at AGM. Shareholder power? Yeah, right

Gene Cash Silver badge

Considering how shareholders (I'm looking at YOU, Carl Icahn) have run companies into the ground looking for the quick payoff, I'm glad to see Google telling 'em to shove off.

I have no love for Google, and I have a feeling they're going to be headed downhill fast in the next 5-7 years, but let's see how the ride goes.

Google is dominant in search and phones simply because they make a product that works. I use Bing as well, and it's interesting to see how comparatively poor it is. I've used iPhones and iPads and the difficulty of doing the most basic tasks was amazing, so I own an Android phone. My iPad was so useless, I gave it away. My friend's daughter uses it for a toy, which is about what it is.

And "the U.S. political system is rigged in favor of the large donors" is just a wordier version of "money talks" - he's just angry that it's not saying what he wants.

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