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"....If they can't find out what their never-met-them-irl "best friends" ordered via Deliveroo last night or how many other paranaoid neurotics are on this weeks fad diet of liquidised lettuce and bird droppings, then they have an existential crisis and can't cope....." Well, up until recently, that is. A fortnight ago I was asked if we had any "flip phones" on the company's approved phone list. Turns out Taylor Swift has been snapped using a "dumb" flip phone so now they're all the rage again. It would be ironic if the iPhone and Android were both killed off by Swiftees!

Of course, the diehards can always do what we used to do with Linux - ride MS's coat-tails. We used to buy MS-capable PCs and put Linux on them, so why not buy cheap Windows phones and just develop phone Linux to go on top? Oh, hold on a sec - already planned (it's called Ubuntu for phones.....).

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