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"I think the bigger issue here is how the EU keeps nipping at Google's heels about every other option in Android.

"You can't bundle your Search". "You can't supply your own services as a result of when people do use your search". "You can't bundle your maps". etc. etc.

If Google closes it down, then the whole thing, OS, Apps, Services are ALL part of the Google Android Experience. No more arguing that Google is locking in their search or maps, because those search and maps are an inextricable part of the new closed-source Android. Just as Safari and other Apple services are an inextricable part of iOS.

Sure, using the Oracle lawsuit might be an easy excuse, but if the EU likes how Apple does things, might as well jump on the bandwagon."

Google closing it down would have no effect on the EU's arguments. I don't see why you think it would.

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