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My understanding is that the "app store revenue" figures that App Annie reports include advertising revenue, at least that which comes through Apple or Google. But possibly that's mistaken.

There's another way to figure this though - based on the figures reported in the Oracle trial Google has generated $31 billion in Android revenue and $22 billion in profit over the years. That includes all the data collection from the platform, searches etc. that aren't shared with developers, but even if every penny was related to the app store, the difference between the revenue and profit numbers (i.e., $9 billion) is the theoretical upper bound for what they could have paid developers. Apple reported earlier this year they have paid $40 billion to developers so far, $20 billion of that in the past two years. Those numbers included ad revenue paid to developers for apps running ads served by Apple (and remember, unlike with Android a minority of devs use Apple for ads, most of them use third parties)

Unless Android developers are making one hell of a lot of money via advertising but NOT using Google ads, they are way behind what iOS developers are making. Way, way behind. I wouldn't be surprised if Google STILL makes more money from iOS than they do Android, when you include all the Google searches etc. coming from iPhones and iPads, and iOS apps that are using Google's ad networks. According to Goldman Sachs, as of last year 75% of Google's mobile search ad revenue came from iOS, less than 25% coming from Android! That's why Google pays Apple an estimated $1 to $2 billion a year for Google to be the default search provider for Safari.

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