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Pseu Donyme has it right. Apple has ~15% of the worldwide smartphone market. Google has almost all of the remaining 85%. That's a dominant market share by almost any definition, and EU law holds them to stricter requirements. I don't know the exact numbers in the EU, Apple may be a bit higher than their worldwide market share since the EU is richer than the worldwide average, but I doubt Apple is above 20% there.

If anyone is wondering why the FTC in the US hasn't acted, they don't talk about "dominant" they talk about "monopoly" and Google could easily make the argument that it is a competitive marketplace when the world's most valuable and most profitable company is the the second placed competitor in the market. Plus the fact that Android doesn't have anywhere near 85% in the US, they are barely above 50%, with Apple holding 40% and Microsoft and RIM less dead in the US than they are worldwide.

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