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Get ready for Google's proprietary Android. It's coming – analyst


Utter BS.

Regardless of the outcome of the court case, Google has already implemented the fix, which involves replacing the Apache Harmony implementation of Java with Oracle's own version of Java, which they license under open source. Of course that kind of requires the whole thing to stay open source since Oracle's Java is licensed under the GPL. This was actually an easy fix for Google and actually has a lot of technical benefits since Apache Harmony is a dead project since IBM pulled out years ago and openjdk brings improved language support for java 7,8, and soon 9.

So, whether or not Google chooses to further lock down the Android platform has nothing whatsoever to do with the Oracle court case. There is certainly no technical or legal need for this. They probably will do it anyway simply because it is consistent with what they have in any case been doing over the last five years and because most OEMs do a pretty poor job of maintaining the code they fork from Google. This has been an issue for years and I'm sure Google is working on solutions for this.

The whole API copyright thing is interesting but might end up being a double edged sword as well for Oracle since they probably have more than a few in house implementations of things open sourced by others; including more than a few they inherited from Sun. So, the status quo of APIs not being copyrightable might actually be preferable to them as well. I predict that they will settle out of court eventually.

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