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@ Doug S

Quote: "But Google is finally doing the right thing, the only thing I question is how it could possibly have taken them so long!".

Not really Googles fault (apart from them caving to pressure), they wanted to have proper permissions management in Android from day one, but developers (of the services they were typing to attract, like FB etc) didn't want to play ball, and refused to write apps for the then new Android platform if the users could just switch on/off permissions as they (the user) wanted.

So initial Android came with the horrible 'all in advance' model.

Android is big enough now (by far) to force through what Google originally wanted, and I think with all the various issues the existing process has, I don't think anybody else (FB etc) can really object in anyway without making themselves look like the issue (which of course is exactly what they were/are anyway!).

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