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I have used the FM radio before, though sparingly. I wouldn't call it a deal breaker by any means if it isn't there, though it seems silly to not have an app to use it if the feature is already on a chip in the phone. I would miss my IR remote though. If you buy a decent quality SD card, performance is fine. If you buy the cheapest one you can find, it won't be. A removable battery is nice, but the deal breaker for me is if the device doesn't have an SD card slot. I like storing my media on an SD card. You can preach all you want about cloud backups, but if something happens to my phone, I can just pull the card and there's my stuff, or swap the card into my next phone like a SIM, and again, there's all my stuff.

Though even if there was no card slot, I would still prefer an Android device personally. I just like the flexibility and the UI better. I've never cared for Apple's UI design on their phones. And I don't have to use the frustrationware that is iTunes.

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