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Re: No worries, its not like Android has a huge share of the phone market....

What do you mean you never see any warnings in the mass media? I see stories about Android malware in places like Cnet all the time. Until there is some Android malware that causes real consequences for a lot of users the problem will be ignored. Look how many years Windows malware (and DOS malware before it) was around before it really got the kind of attention required for Microsoft to do something about it. It wasn't until stuff like Code Red, I.Love.You and so on all hit over a short period of time and caused a lot of problems that people took notice, and bad publicity forced Microsoft to act.

The same will be true of Google (and Android OEMs who are part of the problem as far as not updating Android) Until it becomes a big problem, they will mostly ignore it because it isn't hurting them financially. I'm not sure why you think Google should be "fined megabucks" because of apps in the Play Store. Should Comcast be held liable if hackers use their pipes to cause trouble? Should AT&T be liable if terrorists use their phone network to call each other and plan attacks? Should HP be liable if the KKK uses their printers to print racist materials?

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