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I don't buy the "users have just surrendered". That may be true of Reg readers, but the average Android or iOS user doesn't really have a clue what it means when they are asked for permission to use location information. They'll just agree if asked, just like they will agree every time Windows 7 asks for permission to do something that needs admin rights, etc.

The thing in Apple's favor is that since this sort of permission has been required forever, app writers know they can't get away with requesting ridiculous permissions, like wanting access to contacts or photos for an app which has no earthly reason for wanting it. The average user might not know why that's a bad idea, but the ones who do give one star ratings that kill it in the app store.

Eventually the same might be true for Android, the problem is it will take many years until app writers are forced to change their ways because there will be hundreds of millions of people on Android 4.x and 5.x for years and years now. Another problem is that many Android apps simply break if a permission is denied, because they haven't been updated to expect the possibility of a permission being refused since that's so new. But Google is finally doing the right thing, the only thing I question is how it could possibly have taken them so long!

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