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"most users don't care about permissions and privacy settings"

I'm not sure that's true, or fair to most users.

I think that most of us, to one degree or another, have just surrendered.

A few decades ago people remarked on the page of dense fine print on the back of a car rental contract.

Everyone knew it was absurd, and everyone accepted that no-one ever read it, but it was part of the deal, so you just signed.

What's changed is that literally everything you do on-line forces you to "sign" a long, dense, and unread contract, and with apps, accept a more or less random demand for permissions.

People just don't have hours each day to read these things.

Even if they did, the fact remains that if you need a service like FedEx, Netflix, or any of hundreds of government sites, you have NO choice in the matter: accept the contract conditions.

Heck, even my entirely open source computer makes me click to accept the various licences.

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