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Why does an Android keyboard need to see your camera and log files – and why does it phone home to China?

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No worries, its not like Android has a huge share of the phone market....

* Oh wait 80%? Ouch! I wonder how many shoppers even realize that Google is behind Android, or that M$ makes serious $ from it too. But what's the alternative? That, or post a pile of money to Apple...

* How many consumers are aware that the Play Store is full of this sh1t? If I didn't follow these articles, I could have easily assumed, that Google would never be dumb enough to let this happen.

* Do we see any warnings in the mass media? No its just glorified plugging of the Play store all day long, and how neat this app is, or this other one.

* Its all very well to talk about educating users. But whose going to do it, the government? F@ck that! There needs to be accountability and responsibility here. Google should be fined megabucks for letting these apps slip through. Blaming users is just so unjust....

* Its also increasingly tricky to find a real-world store that offers a non-Android dumb phone from a few years ago. There just isn't choice anymore. Its the same with Smart TV's. No basic models around anymore.

* Many flavors of Android phone sold across the world (outside EU./ US), come with tracking enabled out of the store with invasive apps already installed. WTF??? Vendors should be lined up and shot for this...

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