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With android M, permissions are granted at runtime and the app gets an exception if it isn't granted the permission. Older apps still get their permissions up-front at install time, but a savvy user can disable them before first run. The reason the old K permissions manager was disabled was, put simply, because it broke too many things if you actually used it, and it broke them in unpredictable ways that were very difficult to debug.

As stated, of course, pretty much everything has network access permissions. But pretty much every app needs those for one reason or another (at the very least for ads in the case of the flashlight apps, which why are you even installing that if you're on L or M? It's built into the OS!). And one doesn't want to ask users about a permission that every app asks for because that just contributes to people ignoring the permissions warnings.

Unfortunately the new permissions framework on M doesn't help much since most people aren't on devices which have been upgraded to M. That's Android's real problem relative to Apple - most users don't care about permissions and privacy settings, but they do care about apps. And fewer apps get written, and they have fewer features, when only 10% of the phones have the latest OS.

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