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...much like Dark Energy and Dark Matter?

..of course to get back to my Theory of Everything, if the Aether is so resentful of being pushed around by all this MattI stuff, and his "Anty Mater", (they are Finish..) and is pushing back at both of them then you get this interesting effect in the region of a Galaxy....

Remember that the Galaxy we see is Matter, and Anty Mater is crowding in hard but getting nowhere close the the middle. In fact sort of squashed in at the outer regions, just managing to split some matter out there into spirals because there is more of Anty Mater out there pushing in than there is Matter pushing in ( so you will find, when you can detect the stuff, Dark Matter 'encasing' the galactic spirals.. mark my words!). Now because there is all this pushing and shoving activity going on out there at the edge of the galaxy there has to be lost more kinetic energy around. Energy which will tend to adopt the directionality of what is already moving and speed it up beyond what we poor mortals had expected... so much so in fact that it is this excess speed (i.e. the speed above the characteristic angular velocity of the entire galactic structure0 in the outer layers of the galaxy that in increasingly pushing past the slower inner Matter (Anty M and all..) that causes the spiral arms to form. Simply the outer bits slowly overtaking the inner bits creating arcs of from 'layered pushing' rather than from the frictional effects of air upon Catherine Wheel particles as we are used to when we play with fireworks.

Simples.... can I go and have a bath now? I feel a Eureka moment coming on.

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