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they have a factory shop in northampton where you can try on all manner of wide sizes - E, EE, EEE, V.

Clarks "so-called extra wide" mens shoes in a size 9.5 or 10 used to just about fit me but not any more. Since discovering DB shoes - and that I am really an 8.5 long but extra-extra-wide and extra-tall - I would never go anywhere else. Drove to northampton one day a few years back tried them all on, since then I mail order the same size when they wear out, job done. Price point is a little more than clarks but nowhere near hand made territory. For hiking boots alt-berg. Go to a specialist who has the wide and extra wide, and they can modify them by moulding the leather around the bony bits... I can recommend blackburns in huddersfield.

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