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Calculator time:

I buy a HP Elitebook 850 with i7 := $1700

I buy a MacBook pro i7 := $2000

Two years later, I sell the HP Elitebook, price 550 euros

Two years later, I sell the Macbook pro, price 1200+ euros

Don't believe me ? One macbook pro is even listed for 1400 euros, see here:

Who won ? OS X is much better than Windows, hands-down, it knows what "Sleep" means, does not come full of trial software that make the i7 feel like an i3, all drivers are there ... it can do all the CAD/Music/Video shit you dream of doing, when you are on Windows ...

All this to say, Macs are not cheaper than Windows laptops, but they are FAR better value ... note that in the example above, if you really are a point+click expert, you can purchase a windows license to put on your Mac, still better value.

And if you have Windows Server in your data center, your opinion does not count!

Achtung: That Macbook has soldered RAM and SSD, so DON'T BUY IT.

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