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If that was to me Vietnam coffee heaven from my obv' limited experience but there were places just roasting it in the streets and grinding it there and then and coffee shops are everywhere they have quite the coffee culture going over there, a friend working there in a office took in some nescafe instant, he was mocked severely :).

The brand is Trung Nguyen San Tao No 8, although the normal stuff is very good as well. I like my coffee with a bit of milk and sweet they usually add condensed milk instead, which I'd recommend a dash of instead of normal milk (if you don't drink it black natch), it's lovely both have a slight hint of chocolate to them only tried it dripped through a phin. Someone told me they do not have that high a caffeine content to them, but as someone who likes his caffeine to get me through the day, there was plenty caffeine, a couple of cups will get you wired.

Also they do egg coffee over there which sounds odd but is actually quite nice.

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