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I have super wide feet too, and my choices for footwear in England circa 1983 were Clark's schoolkid's shoes (nar, they dun maykum in widfs for adults doo they?) or bespoke shoes by Church - who *did* maykum in widfs but charged me deep in't purse fer privilege - 'and made, see?

Then I came to New York and discovered the joy of off-the-peg adult shoes sold not only in widths like the fabled "E", but there were "EE" and even "EEE" too if you knew who to ask. And that was just about anyone in a shoestore with a badge on.

I had a girlfriend then who complained that at 4'11' she was faced with shopping in Italy or France or being told she had to wear kid's clothes. I remember thinking it was sad she'd given me my marching orders because if she'd come with me to NY she could walk into any clothing store and be treated like an adult human being. There were well-dressed petite ladies walking about *everywhere* (though none of them would give me the time of day on account of my clunky bespoke UK clodhoppers).

Which was the reason I decided that although I didn't think I would be staying in New York forever (wrong) I knew bloody well that I wasn't going back to the UK where everything about the retail and service industries is too much trouble and the customer is always wrong. Douglas Adams was making a fortune writing thinly disguised books about the phenomenon, but I was done with the whole miserable affair.

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