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Fact: Huawei now outspends Apple on R&D

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>The 'Huawei spend more than Apple on R&D' statement is a little disingenuous

Good point - but there's also the question of value for money. If Chinese industry in general is anything to go by, then a Huawei Dollar buys a lot more work than an Apple Dollar.

Times are changing - My daughter recently murdered her Nexus 7 tablet - to teach her a lesson I bought a 7-inch AllWinner thing direct from the factory shop in China for £35 including shipping - enclosure lacks the quality but overall it's a backfire - twice the speed, 64GB TF etc so she's delighted - Google to her has all the cachet of Persil so there's no stigma either.

Once China start cutting out the EU/US middlemen in earnest it'll wipe out most of our 'manufacturers' - if they start innovating instead of working retro/parallel they'll wipe out all of them. Tech will be as steel in under a decade.

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