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Fact: Huawei now outspends Apple on R&D

Preston Munchensonton

I'm not sure it's all that meaningful to compare Huawei and Apple R&D spending.

I'm sure that it's not meaningful, when the comparison isn't all that possible. As Chris and others point out, there's only a few areas where Huawei and Apple compete. If the R&D budgets can be broken out to show the head-to-head spending differences, then there would probably be an important point to make, one way or the other.

Facts require context and, for certain, this click-bait article doesn't have the context required to make the "fact" about R&D spending any meaningful. Even the rush from pointing out such bleedingly obvious journalistic license seems to be losing it's luster around El Reg. I hope that isn't the trend that I fear it is.

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