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"I can't even get proper cycling shoes with pedal cleats."

Mentioned in a previous post, but I ended up with SiDi MTB Dominator 5 Fit Mega in a 45.5 size. I use them on a road bike, so in doing so break Rule #34.

For walking boots, or motorcycle boots, I recommend Alt-Berg who will also customise the fit, for a very little difference in price. If you turn up.

For normal shoe width fittings, you require a proper Shoe manufacturer in the UK, (Clarkes aside), like Loakes or some such. Or Redwing with the relevent width fit. (9 EE for me).

For reference, in your run of the mill shoes, 10-10.5 is the usual size I need to buy.

Proper fitting footware is a must.

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