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UCLA shooter: I killed my prof over code theft


You're right that it's a feature and not a bug. When you go to university you go there to collaborate and learn, and if through that learning a great new product arises, then it's the property of the university, not the student. Where did he get all those "great ideas?" from the fucking class work, you idiot. Some delusional asshole with a gun does not sound like a bright, young student with great ideas on the way. It's just another mentally ill asshole who, surprise, is somehow able to get armed and shoot at people. Guns are for assholes, just like this guy. I tell every toddler I meet that if they ever get their hands on a gun to shoot the people who gave it to them, especially their parents. I love that! So, make excuses for guns being necessary all you like, but they are not necessary. The military and the police should have them, and the general public should be kept from them until they can show they're not assholes too. Sounds like a long fucking wait. Good. People who love guns are just fucking morons. Pick up a book and do something constructive with your fucking life, assholes! I've been in the US Army and shot every fucking weapon there is. You know what one I keep now? NONE. Guns are not tools. The people who love them are. I shit on your guns, you fucknuts!

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