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To be fair, lithostatic pressure can release some heat; it can raise the melting point of a stratum to the point where it crystallizes, releasing latent heat (phase-change energy) via conduction. (As this source notes there can be a net heat gain, or loss, from changes from one solid phase to another as well, of course.)

But, yeah, it's not going to be the primary contributor.

In my basement I've squeezed a big rock in a big vice. It's been heating my house for the past 26 years.

Given a big enough vise (not "vice"), a big enough rock, and enough of a squeeze, and that would work. Well, and enough tolerance for the heat output. You'd get back as much energy as you put in, less what's absorbed into phase-change latencies.

It just stays at 46°C, like, forever.

Again, given a big enough sample, you could achieve an effect that, while it wouldn't be exactly 46C or "forever", would remain close enough to that temperature for quite a while.

As reductio ad absurdam goes, you need more absurdam.

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