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"I don't give a flying f*** if Linux takes 10 or 30 seconds to boot after that"

Some of our more complex systems take in excess of 20 minutes to fully restart, thanks to singlethreaded startups and clustering races needing to be avoided across FC mesh. One system was noted for taking 24 hours to start, thanks to singlethreaded FSCKs of a few hundred TB (and SysV netfs scripts which needed heavy beating to multithread the checks across FC mesh - yes, FC is regarded as a network and yes they force all network checks to be single threaded)

The Systemd approach has the right idea by parallelising as much as possible, but it's a Frankenstein Monster in a lot of areas and you have to understand the dependency chains if you're going to tweak with it.

Incidentally, it's NOT a huge monolithic process and can be understood _if_ you take the time to do so.

FWIW I spent more than a decade resisting SysV over BSD rc startups on Linux then spent months kicking myself after taking the time to understand the differences. systemd has a lot of positives for large systems, the biggest negative being Lennart himself.

The blind hate is unjustified. You might not want to use it on your single-user box and that's fine but in a large, complex, multiuser environment it's a different story. That said, it's far closer to an ideal startup sequencer than BSD or SysV were and _that_ is why it's not going to go away until something better comes along.

As others have pointed out: Unless you nohup your processes, most *nixes will shut them down when you logout. This is posix behaviour being enforced - and as it's controllable in security configuration it's not a bug, simply a change in defaults to "what should have been" all along.

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