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If you think that's bad...

Back in the day, Motorola (remember them?) had a sliding scale on severance packages - the longer one was with the company, the more weeks of pay one got per year of service.

I had it from several very reliable sources that the following happened.

An engineer for a certain push-to-talk tech division was told their services were no longer needed. As the engineer had been on the job forever and a day, they received slightly more than a year of severance.

The engineer spent a good portion of the year taking it easy - kind of treating it all like a long vacation.

Right around the time the severance was due to run out, and the engineer was starting to put together a resume to find a new job, there was a need in the division they'd left for someone with the skills the engineer had.

So they hired the engineer back, having just paid for them to sit out a year.

Needless to say, but it was very shortly after this that the sliding scale for severance was removed, and severance packages were capped at a certain number of weeks.

(anon, as I still have some dotted line connections into what's left of that place)

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