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"Yesterday Quickbooks 2014 helpfully informed me that is isn't compatible with Windows 10."

You'll be happy to know that postbooks runs happily on pretty much any version of Linux.

If you're wanting to run personal rather than business finances then gnucash works very well.

My personal linux preference is Lubuntu, but many prefer Mint Cinnamon (I find Mint MATE a bit fugly)

The pity about this entire shitstorm is that apart from the telemetry, WinX is generally better behaved, more stable and faster than WinXP/Vista/7/8 - even on seriously old equipment.

You can even disable Metro and use the classic desktop

There are ways of disabling the telemetry but you can never be sure it won't be turned back on, and sooner or later it's expected MS will move from a "pay once" model to "rental software" - which is the very model that MS originally destroyed back in the 1980s with "good enough, and cheap" software.

MS haven't footshot with gwx. They've blown the back of their collective skulls off.

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