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One thing I have learnt from SCO suing IBM. was to never, ever, ever underestimate the ability of lawyers to completely fuck their clients over in their desire to keep a case going long , long after it should have died. No matter how bad their case is, no matter how trivial their point is, no matter how insane their logic is lawyers will keep on going as they can keep the cash registers ticking over.

Since the SCO case started, we've had two children who are now just starting secondary school in the UK, I had kind of perversely hoped the kids would have left home and had children themselves before SCO had finished. Echo's of Bleak House?

I will wager a large Gin & Tonic (well it is Friday) against a bag of crisps, that Larry and the clowns at Oracle appeal this and take the case to the Supremes. Larry is a first class JeremeyHunt who would dig up and roger his dead grandparents if he could make 10 cents. He'd sell tickets for an extra 5 cents.

I hope to God, that his lawyers have charged him an arm and a leg. This is one time, I want the lawyers to come off best against their client.

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