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HR botches redundancy so chap scores year-long paid holiday


I had about a year "off" once. My company at the time was considering merging various IT Departments and the chances were that my support team was to be swallowed up by a larger IT function. Whilst they worked it all out they cancelled all projects and implemented a change freeze (barring regulatory or critical changes). As a result myself and my colleagues in server support had nowt to do for almost a year. Our systems were good and stable and when you are not making changes things tend to stay that way.

That year our days consisted of long breakfasts, long lunches and several long breaks during each day to play various multiplayer PSP games - Worms was the game of choice IIRC. We rota'd someone to make sure the team looked like it was in full flight - handling shared mailboxes and incident queues etc. It was a lovely year.

Once we were swallowed up by the larger organisation I took the opportunity to immediately jump ship to a new team and a new office closer to home. Perfect.

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