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Friend of mine used to work for a company that did civil engineering type stuff supporting British Rail (as was). One day while he was out on a job, quite by chance he noticed an old signal box on a long abandoned stretch of track had smoke coming from the chimney. Out of curiosity he parked up and walked down the where the railways lines used to run (tracks had long since been removed).

He was staggered to come across a beautifully maintained signal box, immaculately painted, hanging baskets festooned with flowers. It was like something out of an 1950s movie.

He soon found a somewhat mature guy, perfectly turned out in full BR uniform. The conversation went along the lines of:

Engineer: Who are you?

Bloke in uniform: I'm the signalman. This is my signalbox.

Engineer: Eh? There hasn't been a train down here for about 15 years. Christ, there hasn't even been any track for the last 10!

Block in uniform: Yes...10 years would be about right. I remember when they started dismantling was around the time of my silver wedding anniversary, and that was 10 years ago.

Engineer: But!?!? How the hell can you be working as a signalman when there's no trains and no track?!?

Block in uniform: Yes, I did think it was a bit odd when they started dismantling, but who am I to argue with what the railway management choose to do?

Some people, it seems, can just get lost in the system. And some of them just seem to drift on regardless.

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