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The rest of the story...

HR1: hey, Anj is here

HR2: Anj - didn't we let him go two days ago?

HR1: No, he asked for vacations and returned just yesterday

HR2: So we didn't entered his layoff into the SAP system?

HR1: No, we didn't, he didn't sign module 455-X2772-B yet.

HR2: Let's call HR3

HR3: Oh-hum, wait, I'll need to escalate it. I'll be back to you.

.... time passes ....

HR2: Any news about Anj?

HR3: We would need to reopen the SAP procedure which was closed on January 1st. But we can't because the system doesn't accept it. I need to escalate it.

... time passes...

HR3: I asked to reopen the layoff procedure in SAP but only HR4 did know how to do it, and she left a month ago. We'll ask the SAP consultant.

... time passes...

HR3: the SAP consultant asked us <crazy amount of money> to modify the procedure. He told us it's not so simple (although HR4 did, but we can't find her, she's on a travel in Namibia), and it requires to update this and that because they are "out of support", but we have no budget, all spent in consultants for the new scoring system (and I can't find that damned document anymore).

HR2: oh well, maybe we can wait the next round of layoffs...

... time passes...

HR1: Anj, would you like to work in IT?

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