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When my father politely declined, the session was ended and asked for feedback "did we resolve your problem" - Dad clicked "No". Next it asks for ratings out of 5 for the support guy. Before he could click anything the support guy who clearly had not yet logged out of my dad's machine, clicked 5 stars on both questions then "submit" as quickly as possible.

Now that is cheeky at best, and might even be computer misuse. I am not sure who I can complain to though, or whether there is any point.

When the session ended, so did the permission to remote control his computer. If this happened in the UK, any subsequent action without your father's permission amounts to a criminal offence - even if it just doing the usual rigging of statistics.

I would, however, first play that ball back to Microsoft UK by means of a proper written letter delivered via registered mail so you have confirmation - maybe with El Reg's help to keep it public because this is simply not on - just ask in which weird way this is not breaking the Computer Misuse Act or whatever you want to go for and demand confirmation that your true selection (fill in values) is taken into the survey.

If they respond "no we didn't" - you have your father and you as a witness (although family is considered biased, it'll be easy to find the survey score as its tied to your call). If they reply "we'll change it" you have written acknowledgement that they know that they acted in breach and can again take it further.

However, I don't expect you to find much support for taking this to court, but it's always fun to throw a legal grenade at Microsoft and see if it dents anything. There's always the chance that someone panics and goes public, in which case the Internet and the press will do the rest :).

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