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As part of the 'Upgrade' process the non-compatible software is supposed to be detected.

You get a list of what will NOT be migrated over before Win10 does its stuff!!!

Obviously, yet another almost but not quite working feature of the Win 10 'Experience'.

You do wonder how MS can keep a straight face while all the lemmings are 'Upgrading' with glee.

If you want Win10 do not be surprised that some things do not work or have problems.

Win10 is a 'Work in Progress' and MS are regularly fixing & breaking parts of it as they roll out incremental updates & fixes.

God help any Enterprise that jumps on the win10 bandwagon.

It was bad enough supporting Win7 / Win 8.x but Win 10 moves the ground you are standing on at random times. Just what you need to ensure that your Support staff have plenty of calls to answer !!!

Have a moan at Quickbooks but I suspect that there is a new and improved version that is compatible with Win 10 for a 'very reasonable price' :)

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