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And it's not just heart rate either...

I have had a Charge for about 1.5 years now, and it is very prone to "false positive steps", lets call them. When you are actually walking, it is accurate. But ride the car/bus with it on and it will measure hundreds, if not thousands of steps. Tapping your chairs arm also counts steps -- sometimes I get the vibration signaling 10,000 when I'm sitting down, and had been for a while.

OK, I understand that it might be hard to differentiate vibrations due to walking from those of car riding (although regularity of steps would be expected in the former but not in the latter, I expect), but their app, which is far from stellar too by the way, should obviously have a function where you can log such things (as you can many others). Say, two hour car trip? Then zero steps from time X to time Y. Same thing if you were sitting down for a couple of hours, etc. Very simple, isn't it? To me, it goes to show that the guys who make the device do not actually wear it.

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