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"For a start the first thing that the police do after pulling you over (and after a greeting of some description) is ask you to stop the engine."

No. The first thing a police officer will do is pull you out of the car. See my earlier post. He will see your crutches but the bollox in his head will cause him to punch his way through the door. Once he is through, he will set his dog upon you.

"Secondly - you would be carrying that device anyway whether it had your licence on it or not."


"Thirdly - there is no (enforced) requirement for you to have your licence on you while you are driving, if they pull you and trust you to produce it you will be given a period of time to take it into a station."

Stop quoting shit. Electronic checks - no need to pull. Result: everyone does 99mph. Accidents? Same as normal.

"Now, I think its important to note at this point that I disagree with the digital licence... I dont see a point to it but to start making out that its going to cause additional fines for using a phone whilst driving is ridiculous.""


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