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I'm the original victim of ID fraud, courtesy of the DVLA. I'm no saint. 30+ years ago I had two DUI's in one week when my father died. No excuse but it happened. 20 years ago me & the missus are pottering along the top of the A55 in a van with "Legalise Brocholli" written in mirror writing on the front of our van. Our lives changed. Got a pull by the Heddlu. Mirth and we're on our way. Ten minutes later they pull me up again. Apparently I'm a disqualified driver.

The police, at the station, ask me if they can keep my licence. Biggest mistake of my life. DVLA denied all knowledge of issuing it. According to records I'm now 3 years into a 5 year ban for death by reckless driving. The police even turned up at court to testify they had seen a licence but it was sent back to Swansea so their evidence was inadmissible.

I dunno what happened in court. They argued, in Welsh. No translator. Probation officer laid into me about "the bollox" of claiming ID fraud. I filled out all her forms then refused to sign as my name wasn't Gavin.

I subsequently discovered who was using my licence but court records are only retained for 3 years.

I scan my licence as well.

Eight years ago I was starting an overtake on my motorbike. A revoked driver performed a u-turn. All this shit got dragged up again

There's only one thing worse than snooping, it's having to live your life apologising for someone else's mistake - and being forced to do it.

Long live the DVLA!

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