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And I thought the California DMV was bad...

Nothing compares to this nonsense. Yes, we here in sunny California have this miraculous public service bureau call the Department of Motor Vehicles (commonly referred to as the DMV). They issue drivers licenses and vehicle registrations. Licenses are issued every 4 years (I believe the last one cost $15 or so) and vehicle registrations (which include vehicle property tax) are anywhere from $50 to much more (newer cars). Other than the lines in the local office (about 1/2 day if you don't have an appointment) they aren't too bad. If all you need to do is simple payments, online with a credit card will do, and you can even change addresses as well. The nice drivers license (generally accepted as identification) has a nice mug shot (for quite some time since 1950 I guess) and they changed to color back in the 70's. Luckily you can keep your old license (while they make you a new one you get a note saying "in process") and you go from there. My experience is that they have been relativetly error free (they do serve a population of over 30 million, so I suspect that there are some errors). Overall it has worked out well. The current form is a nice mag-stripe credit card size thing with ALL sorts of validation stuff (holograms, raised signatures, etc.). We haven't gone to virtual (stored on an iPhone) ones yet, but you never know with the younger set so attached to their devices.

Me? I'm afraid that you might need to insert your license in a slot to get a vehicle to work, and it will broadcast on request to the policeman following you the details. It might get scary in that case. Or as was mentioned above "what could possibly go wrong?".

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